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Bluesail Group Co., a large enterprise that combines chemical production, plastics processing, international trade and scientific research, with 6000 employees, 10 billion annual revenue and 5 billion total assets.

Bluesail Group’s subordinate companies Bluesail Chemicals and Bluesail Medicals are all of the flagship of their respective industry.

The fine chemical plate, mainly comprised of plasticizers, has been the biggest producer and seller of China for 20 years.

The plastics processing plate, mainly including PVC gloves, has over 120 production lines, which is the largest production scale all over the world. In 2010, this company listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange Center, stock code 003832, has been the only listed enterprise of its industry.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, Bluesail group will continuously adhere to the development concept “openness, inclusion and standardization”, solidly practice the administrative standard “Model first, peccadillo absolved, and sage promoted”, regard “enlarge downstream, advance in middle-stream, break through upstream and  fulfill the golden industry chains” as strategic direction, invest 8 billion to construct supporting project and reinforce the competitive industries. Our aim is to achieve 30 billion output value at the end of the 12th Five-Year,to make Bluesail Group reach a new level and create a new situation.

Bluesail chemical

Bluesail chemicals nowadays have five economic entities: Shandong bluesail chemicals co., ltd, Shandong qilu plasticizers incorporated company, Shandong langhui petrochemicals co., ltd, Shandong shengkun chemicals co., ltd and Shanghai bluesail chemicals co., ltd. This means we have realized unified group operation.

Our six advantages

The president company of Chinese plasticizer industry association, the biggest producer and seller for 20 years

We have plasticizers production capacity for 500 thousand tons per year, 2-EH production capacity for 150 thousand tons per year, PVC production capacity for 50 thousand tons per year and PA production capacity for 100 thousand tons per year and our major products cover 4 series and more than 20 varieties, occupying 30% market share, which make us the No.1 producer and seller for 20 years.

Abundant Science and technology power, with independent research and development ability

We have built up one provincial level technological development centre and one municipal level technological development centre and we are the first company that owns the multifunctional plasticizers pilot plant in China, which help us form the technology development system from lab exploration, pilot scale test to mass production.

We have broad cooperation with the international renowned company Exxon, Dupont and BASF in new product development and technology service areas.

The independent Bluesail environment-friendly plasticizers reaches EU standard

Our independent environment-friendly new product, reaches the EU REACH standards, which is widely used in foods packages, children toys, medical materials and other export product. Our production and sales scale is the largest in China and covers the most abundant varieties.

Our independent electric grade DOP wins the national new product certificate, and we are the first and single company that can produce medical grade DOP, which fills the blank. We are the first industrial producer of 810 esters, whose technology has reached international advanced level.

Strict quality control system and top-ranking product guarantee

We invested 5 million in the construction of the most domestically advanced spectrograph series testing equipment. During production we adopt BASF’s international advanced product technology standard, keeping 100% product pass rate. At the same time, we got the impeccable quality control system and certificate system, which make us become the qualified plasticizer supplier worldwide.

Perfect marketing net and cross-domain short-distance services

Our sales networks are all over the country, which covers all the coastal provinces and cities. Almost 20 of them have more than 10 thousand tons annual sales volume. Meanwhile, we have private railway line, our own truck organization and two cargo ships. The smooth and rapid logistics system assures our products be delivered to the customers on time. Our company established tight partnerships with domestic and overseas raw material suppliers. We have direct pipelines with Qilu Company for material transport and we are the key customer of Daqing petrochemical company and Jilin chemical industry company. We have been keeping cooperative relationship with Korea Hanhua company and Japanese Itochu company for a long time, which make our marketing strategies are based on the globa market, purchasing the raw material of lower price and insuring quality and cheap plasticizers be supplied to our customers.

Proposing green concept and undertaking social responsibility

From the initial production, we have been putting all the sewage into professional treatment works. With the development of our company, we built up our own large-scale sewage treatment unit and break through the plasticizer sewage treatment process for the first time in China, realizing bio-chemical and harmless treatment. We have been devoting ourselves to the development of environment-friendly plasticizers, producing LF series plasticizers which reach the EU REACH standards. These products have been widely used in medical products, foods and children toys. Further, we have full-order labor protections and no major safety accident for 30 years. Therefore, we are awarded the local government as harmonious enterprise in labor relationships.