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Brand history
Bluesail has deep significance.
The blue color symbolizes cozy, inclusion and environmental protection, which means Bluesail group advocates harmonious nature, pursues the sustainable enterprise development concepts.

The mark of flag signifies endeavor, solidarity and progress, reflecting Bluesail people staying together and being aggressive.

Bluesail is the sailing ship that navigates in the oceans, symbolizing our are a firm, united and efficient team.

“A time will come for me to ride the wind and cleave the waves, I’ll set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea which waves”is the true portrayal that Bluesail based on the long-term strategy and the courage to create a century enterprise.

The birth of Bluesail means the history without trade name has ended and a new development journey has been started. Currently, we have finished the trademark registration for Bluesail brand in a dozen series and more than 100 industry areas. In addition, Bluesail has been registered in international market, sharing a high international profile.

Bluesail sets up a wide platform for self-achievement and value-realization. So we should be thankful to Bluesail, maintain Bluesail carefully, jointly develop Bluesail. In one word, Bluesail is our common home.

Cultural concept

Core ideology: Openness, inclusiveness, standardization and creating a century Bluesail.

Openness, the emphasis should be put on the thoughts and mechanism. We will set up the thought atmosphere that all rivers run into sea and establish an institutional system that talented person be elected.

Inclusiveness, advocates holding an inclusive attitude and creating a harmonious team atmosphere, to make great achievement and create a century Bluesail.

Standardization means to insist systematic management, to insist measuring performance, standardizing work and selecting talents by specific rules.

Management philosophy: Model first, peccadillo absolved, and sage promoted.

Model first means that we should be model and serve as an exemplary role when we handle affairs. During work, we should take the lead and do not do anything harmful to our enterprise and our employees. Only we set a good example, can our team get an active atmosphere. We can not be greedy for small gains, not allow benefiting oneself at the expense of public interests. We should hold broad ambition, ideals and pursue.

Peccadillo absolved, fits in with the culture “Inclusiveness”, means to allow other people making mistakes and be severe with ourselves and lenient towards other people. The leaders should be responsible for his subordinates, to win everybody’s respect, establish credibility and form team joint forces.

Sage promoted is sparing no efforts to recommend, introduce and elect talents, putting them to important positions. Also means reinforcing talent team construction, considering how many talents have been cultivated during cadre assessment and regarding team management as manager’s most important responsibility.

Theories of management:

“Change myself, influence others”

Changing myself is changing destiny. Regulation is necessary since enterprise develops. At different development stages, management mechanism and rules changed, everybody’s cognition and habits should also be adjusted and changed. It is terrible we still rest on the past pattern while our enterprise develops. At the same time, every one of us should adapt to the enterprise’s development, change myself and elevate myself, creating more value to our enterprises.

Employment philosophy:

Virtuous and talented be entrusted, Virtuous but non-talented be used, Talented but non-virtuous be abandoned

“Virtuous and talented be entrusted, Virtuous but non-talented be used, Talented but non-virtuous be abandoned” was firstly proposed by the chairman Mr. Li Zhenping at the senior executive meeting in Oct 4th, 2009. At that meeting, the concept of morality first when selecting people has been set up, and extends to Bluesail’s employment philosophy.

In Bluesail, there is only the difference in operation post and there is no difference in lowliness and nobleness. You are respectable so long as you are positive, good at learning and responsible. You are the Bluesail star so long as you are the best in your skilled area and keep making progress. In Bluesail, we get further more virtuous and talented workers through good human resources management. Meanwhile, these virtuous but non-talented employees at the influence of the enterprise culture “openness, inclusiveness, standardization”, get systematic training and support, realizing continuous promotion and transform. Only if open our heart and continuously study, can we make progress on learning and application, can we think deeply on talent and virtue. To make spiral escalation and breakthrough by theory and practice, be pillars of the century enterprise and helpful person for the society. Development will be the eternal theme of the next 10 years, including the development on industrial chains and expansion on cross- industrial chains. In face of the infinite opportunities, every Bluesail people will have his own stage and mission.