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In October 2010, after Bluesail Medicals listed successfully, our chairman pointed out the “Group industrial value chain competition” thought for the whole group’s development. This provides a more macroscopic growth strategy for the group’s future. Further, this strategic thought also derive quite a lot of new project, which enhance our group’s ability to resist risk and widen the profits space, lay the solid strategic foundation.

The “Group industrial value chain competition” thought, in detail, refers to “enlarge downstream, advance in middle-stream, break through upstream and fulfill the golden industry chains”. That is to form an industrial pattern: upstream product is the strong support for downstream plastic products and downstream plastic products is the important safeguard for upstream petrochemicals.

The competition between enterprises is no longer the competition between single entity, but the entire, systematic competition. In the future, we should make use of Bluesail’s advantages in industrial chains and enhance our composite competitive advantage.