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In April 2010, Bluesail listed in Shenzhen stock market successfully after 3 years hard work, to add the capital supporting industry wings for our company. In front of the good situation, our chairman still keeps a cool head and proposes the magnificent target of creating century enterprise. On February 4th, 2013 our chairman Mr. Li Zhenping made further full explanation of Bluesail dream in his speech at the group’s annual meeting.

Bluesail dream is to create a century enterprise and to become a great company. What we pursue is to realize employees’ happiness on substance and mental during the company operation. We will realize everyone’s ideal and let everyone’s dream to come true. We should face the future when we plan for our development. The chairman Mr. Li Zhenping said creating a century enterprise is every entrepreneur’s dream and every responsible entrepreneur should have such vision and heart. Especially, when a company develops to a certain phase, paying large amounts of taxes to the nation, absorbing quite a lot of employment, to keep the steady development of the enterprise, is no longer the entrepreneur’s matter but related to the interests of the whole society. Thus, little home becomes a big family. Then how to realize this dream? Only rely on concepts, culture and value. These years, in our company, we advocate “virtuous and talented be entrusted, appointing people by abilities” and simple harmonious interpersonal relationship. We propose “Openness, inclusiveness, standardization” and the cadre requirements of Model first, peccadillo absolved and sage promoted. We wish every one of us could change ourselves and influence others. We wish all of us could hold the thought of altruism that is to look at things through other people’s position. Since today, we have witness the power of Bluesail culture. Bluesail already has his open, inclusive platform and Bluesail’s concepts are accepted by society. More and more people choose Bluesail as his platform for development, as his stage for strivings. Everyone’s dream, forms joint forces with the development of Bluesail and the century career dream.

Nowadays, Bluesail get quite a lot of aged employees who stand together with the company regardless of situation. They are cautious and conscientious on their positions during the development of our company. At the same time, we also get lots of new employees who are young, arduous and active. We make joint efforts to make achievements one by one. Nowdays, Bluesail combines the experts and talents from USA, Malaysia, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hebei, Hunan and so on. An ordinary student, farmer or ordinary worker, joins in Bluesail with his dreams. If a company, his metrical worker, even middle school or high school students, even male or female, old or young, could be respected by our sincerity, could be lighted by dream, could make progress positively with our same dream, then the company has no excuse that do not become a great company.

Bluesail dream- creating a century enterprise is rely on the acquaint of the enterprise growth and development rules. Blussail dream is the new entrepreneurial process of Bluesail’ quality enhancement is Bluesail people’s sprits to pursue excellence and never satisfy, nerve stop and advance with the times. Creating a century enterprise should rely on wisdom, talents and strategy; it is a competition between strong quality and strength. We will realize the successful transformation to modern enterprise, to listed company under the leadership of our chairman, Mr. Li Zhenping.