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On August 20, 2014, national plasticizer industry association unit, shandong LanFan chemical co., LTD., organization a company launch a new environmental protection plasticizer operation meeting, for the product production time, process equipment, technology, safety, environmental protection, raw material supply, sales channels and so on comprehensive deployment, ensure project orderly, ensure early on the market, meet the demand of the market higher.
Shandong LanFan chemical co., LTD. / shandong qilu plasticizers co., LTD. As a plasticizer industry leading, is the largest and most complete varieties of products production and sales of plasticizer production enterprise.
* the company has built a provincial-level technology development center, a municipal technology development center, the first in the country to establish a multi-functional plasticizer pilot plant, formed from development LABS amplification, device for mass production of corresponding product technology development system.
* with exxon, dupont, basf and other international well-known companies in new product development, technical services in the areas of extensive cooperation;
* in the country's first conquer plasticizer production wastewater treatment technology, has realized the clean production of environmental protection;
* developed environment-friendly plasticizers, new products to the United States and the European Union product testing standards, to meet the requirements of eu REACH regulation, widely used in food packaging, children's toys, medical materials and other export products processing.