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Public welfare charity: focus on agricultural films, LanFan chemical friend help farmers increase production

datatime:2019-09-24 18:07:27 Print
Agriculture is the foundation, China is the world's most populous country, 20% of the population of the world than the left and right sides, however, arable land accounts for only about 7% of the world's existing, and effective arable land use area is reducing year by year, the development of efficient agriculture is imminent.
With the rapid development of China's industrial and agricultural production, plastic film is widely applied in agriculture, fruitful in terms of grain increase production.
Everyone had farming experience, in our impression, the role of agricultural film, not only can reduce weeds, preventing plant diseases and insect pests, resistance to the storm, but also be able to put on a warm winter jacket seedling in the cold winter, even in greenhouse cultivation, agricultural film and enhance photosynthesis, and so on.
According to national related data statistics, only 1982 to 1994, the national plastic agricultural cultivation techniques for cumulative increase food amounts to 26420 kt, cotton 2100 kt, peanuts 3550 kt, vegetables 20890 kt, sugar 6550 kt, to increase the output value of 73.4 billion yuan, make the farmers' income of 58 billion yuan, the total crop production is equivalent to enlarge the planting area of 100 million mu.
Mulching films of the role of proper use in agricultural production is self-evident, in recent years, however, appeared in the process of using agricultural plastic film poisoning seedlings, winter durability of brittle, low intensity, short, easy to aging, problems such as difficult decomposition, caused the relevant departments pay close attention to, and at that time also became the national attention hot spot of hundreds of millions of farmers friends.
Why mulching films appear similar problems?
River first, let's know the manufacturing process, production is the main raw material of plastic mulching films with polyethylene, PVC, EVA as the main raw material of resin and the performance of different additives. So lead to plastic mulching films appear afore-mentioned problems one of the biggest reason is out in the auxiliary of the plasticizer.
So what plasticizer? What is its role in the agricultural production process? With a series of problems, we interviewed the plasticizer industry association unit, shandong LanFan chemical co., LTD., head of marketing Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter:
Plasticizer is an important part of plastic, also known as plasticizer, wide application, plasticizer can improve the liquidity of the resin during processing, and make the products of flexible organic matter.
It is usually some high boiling, difficult to volatilize viscous liquid or low melting point of solid, generally does not react with plastic. After joining can also improve the properties of the plastic, such as mechanical strength, ageing resistance, prevent mist, antistatic property, flame retardancy and processing performance, etc. On market at present, the main plasticizer is given priority to with phthalic acid esters, with the development of technology, the continuous improvement of the laws and regulations and the requirements of environmental protection, our country will become a tendency of the development of new environmental protection plasticizer.
River in the manufacturing process of plastic agricultural film producers will be added according to the different performance of different types of plasticizer, such as cold resistant, high temperature resistant, environmental protection, etc., to meet different customer needs, plasticizer, however, every tons of price in ten thousand yuan of above, it also led to some criminals use unqualified plasticizer products, shoddy, deceive consumers, to obtain huge profits.
River here, above the problems would be clear, in this also remind the broad masses of farmers friend must choose regular brand, when choosing mulching films and clear understanding to the businessman products according to the requirements of different parameters.
Recently, as the plasticizer industry association unit of shandong LanFan chemical co., LTD. Has numerous joint polluting plastics factory, a compassion public interest action, initiative to improve agricultural films of various performance, improve product quality, strengthen quality control, help farmer to increase production.